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    Beer Croquet

    Official Rules Short Version
    St Pete Beer Croquet Club
    Established 2004

    Download Long Version Here


    Beer croquet is played in many ways. This is our celebration of two great past times.

    OUR game follows some of the rules of Royal Croquet (we call it the queen’s game), with several major differences. We will try to explain our rules, explanations, flow of play, circumstances, situations and dilemmas. It will be impossible to explain all of the scenarios that could be encountered in a game. Here are some of the most important rules to make sure your game stays controlled and fair.

  1. You must have a beer in your hand if you are swinging the club. This is beer croquet. NO two handed sissy swinging. Soda or water is allowed for those that do not partake of alcohol. Beer Cans are SACRED obstacles and are used on the course (see below). Absolutely NO GLASS. Aluminum cans only!

  2. Beer Cans are obstacles and are used on the course (see below). Absolutely NO GLASS. Aluminum cans only!

  3. Appoint a designated driver! The St. Petersburg Beer Croquet Club does not support Drinking and Driving. However, we do support just drinking (responsibly, whatever THAT means)

  4. You should have three “directors” who will act as referees and vote on any given situation. The directors should make themselves familiar with the attached Rules of Play.

  5. The Host will decide any course conflict. Allowance will have to be made for pools, flower gardens, curbs, fences, etc. The host is the final ruling for all drops.

  6. Keep the play quick. 9 or 10 player games can easily go 5 hours.

  7. If a player is doing something important, like going for bitch or going for poison or trying to hit another player; then one or more of the directors should be called to watch. Taking shots in secret is not allowed. The player must call for an observer.

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