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    At last, you have made it to the home of the number one Beer Croquet player. I say it. I play it. Walking with a limp like an old school pimp. Twenty-eight recorded wins makes me the greatest Beer Croquet player on Earth.

    I won the first game and chances are I won the last. I like the sport. I appreciate the tactics and strategy. I can't stand players who run and hide or won't send their girlfriend.

    So. I got kinda bored at winning monthly tournaments. I want a Tri-Fec-Ta on winning the Annual Championship. I need a cool place to host so call me if you have a phat pad with a phat pad yard.     Go Steelers, Go Sooners, and Go Seminoles. World Cup is coming. Ask about our commune specials starting in 2019.

St Pete Beer Croquet Club
World Cup 10, brauts @ bob's
Gators Suck
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