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When is it Gareth?
Hopefully you have grass

January Champ
Evan (Not pictured)

February Champ
Evan (Not pictured)

March Champ
Jen (Not pictured)

April Champ
Sam (Not pictured)

May Champ
Ennio (Not pictured)

June Champ

July Champ
Jason (Not pictured)

August Champ
Barrett (Not pictured)

September Champ
Sam (Not pictured)

October Champ
Sam (Not pictured)

November Champ
Tom (Not pictured)

December Champ
Sam (Not pictured)

Tournament of Champions

Not yet

We love this shit!

2015 Winners

2016 Winners

2017 Winners

2018 Winners

2019 Winners

2020 Winners (Still in progress!)

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    Well shit. I don't have a single picture of any of the winners from this year besides the world's greatest beer croquet player: Bob Sanders! Here's a very high quality photo of him:
Told ya it was high quality.
Pictures of the playing field are unavailable. Sorry! Just imagine a bunch of snow and a couple of drunk people holding mallets.



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World Cup '18, brauts @ bob's
Gators Suck
Go Noles
Go Badgers
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